is fully committed to protecting the environment.

Voia Fashion

We have implemented on our Factories several measures to Protect our Planet and lower CO2 emissions:


  • 55% of the electricity used by our factories comes from a green source, Solar Energy, photovoltaic panels
  • The water of the boilers on our factories is pre-heated with Solar Panels
  • All industrial waste is recycled
  • Our factories floor plants use special roofing materials with major thermal isolation


  • All our factories use eco-friendly lighting (bulbs and tube lights).
  • We use energy-efficient machines in our production lines.
  • We have a strong recycling program that separates materials such as paper, plastic, batteries and fabrics.

Whenever possible we reinvest part of our profits in modernizing our facilities and processes making them as green as possible

Sustainable Development

We are using,according to our customers’ requests, organic yarns/fabrics certified by GOTS and recycled yarns and other materials such as zippers eyelets, labels, hangtags and polybags, certified by GRS.
We are in the process of acquiring GOTS certification for our products as well as our entire supply chain.

Environmental & Corporate Social Responsibility

The company is certified from Intertek an international provider for working conditions, health & safety, environment and business ethics according to BSCI Code Of Conduct with a grading 97%.

In our own operations, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment through reducing energy consumption , utilising renewable energy sources, implementing ‘green’ waste management practices, minimising travel, undertaking carbon offsetting and operating quality management systems.

Voia Fashion considers the health, safety and welfare of its employees, clients and third parties connected with its business to be of paramount importance. We aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment and ensure that our employees have the information and resources to perform their duties safely.


Contact details

Headquarters: M.Sheinitsa, Sh 24, PC 2700, Blagoevgard

Central Warehouse: 41.50647, 23.28035 улица Вела Пеева, 2814 Novo Delchevo, Bulgaria

Voyager Fashion: 79, 17 Noemvriou Str., Pilea, Thessaloniki, Greece

Tel: +359 738 82052 | Fax +359 738 82053


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Проект: BG16RFOP002-2.077-0970-C01 "Подкрепа за средни предприятия за преодоляване на икономическите последствия от пандемията COVID-19"
Главна цел: Осигуряване на оперативен капитал за българските средни предприятия за справяне с последиците от пандемията COVID-19
Бенефициент: "ВОЯ ФАШИОН" ООД
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